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(888) 600-7333 Pensacola, FL


Jun 19, 2020
We love the outstanding professional and personal Insurance services offered by Dave Reed Insurance.
- M. Campbell

Jun 10, 2020
You were very helpful in explaining the different types of coverage which was helpful to us as first time home owners.
- S. Keller

May 7, 2020
Great service and very knowledgeable people.
If you are looking for insurance of any kind this is the place to go.
- J. Price

Apr 7, 2020
Worked extra hard to find me an acceptable insurance company with reasonable rates. I am very happy with the service that was provided and have made several positive recommendations to family and friends.
- F. Kennedy

Feb 8, 2020
The staff is great about keeping me up to date on payments and helping guide me through the selection of the variety of insurance available for my rental properties. The staff is very professional and willing to help.
- C. Pollock

Jan 1, 2020
Stayed late, after normal closing hours, to make sure we got the coverage we needed.
- G. Cook

Dec 8, 2019
David Reed's courteous and helpful staff offered me a solution to my insurance concern wheras other insurance companies said they could not help. I own a home that needed insuring and because it happened to be after the big hurricane that devastated the area, I was penalize from getting coverage. David Reed's company found an agency for me.
- R. Radford

Nov 25, 2019
Great service the best company ever . Alot of people over look yu guys but yu are the best thing that ever happened in my life other than my momma and family. Thanks again guys.
- M. Harris

Nov 19, 2019
A few years back we had an issue with humidity caused mold under our house . Our insurance policy (through the Reed agency ) helped us resolve the issue. This relieved our anxiety. We had never had to deal with mold issues before. Thank you. AJB
- A. Balint

Nov 12, 2019
It was a great help to me when you notified me to renew my policy. My career keeps me out of town quite bit and is very hectic. Sometimes I am way too busy to keep up with these types of things. Thank you Frieda
- M. Giddeon

Aug 4, 2019
You worked fast to give me the best deal for Home Insurance, and worked hard to get the Coverage started right away. Thank You. 01012019
- S. Collins

Jun 19, 2019
I am very greatfull that ya'll take care of all of my home & car insurance matters. I feel safe knowing ya'll make sure everything is correctly covered & I love the personal care ya'll give me. Thank you so much.
- T. Chauncey

Mar 28, 2019
You always take the time to answer any questions of concern, and you are always
polite and courteous. 01012019
- A. Watson

Mar 23, 2019
Each time I go to Dave Reeve to renew my insurance the staff that work there is very nice and courteous so I will continue to do business with Dave Reeves insurance keep up the good work ALEX J.A.
- A. Johnson

Jan 4, 2019
You staff is amazing, alway courteous & helpful
- D. Johnson

Aug 19, 2018
As for me, I like being able to contact you and talk to a live person and not a recording. You've got answers to my questions and If I'm late on payment, you can take it then instead of mailing. Thank you, for taking care of me and my company. 02072019
- S. Polk

Jul 1, 2018
Scott is the man! He gets me the exact coverage I need for better premiums than I anticipate! He works hard and always delivers!
- B. Wireman

May 1, 2018
David Reed Insurance found the right insurance for us at the right price. Renee always stays on top of when things, like my Homeowner's Insurance need to be paid. She makes repeated efforts to contact our mortgage company to ensure payments. We appreciate the individual attention and follow up provided for us.
- L. Cobb

Mar 13, 2018
I like it when coming into the office after being away from Pensacola you all still knew my name with out looking at my policy. And after looking at my policy you look to fine me something a little cheaper. 01312019

- D. Moton

Jan 15, 2018
For the fast 20 years I stay with u guys that's explain why!
U guys doing a great job specialty Freda.
- R. Mendoza

Jan 4, 2018
Took the time to check a variety of companies to get me the best price to meet my closing cost. 02152019
- J. Lewis

Mar 3, 2017
Great customer ladies. They make your company shine! 01252019
- J. Harris

Feb 14, 2017
Took the time to check a variety of companies to get me the best price to meet my closing cost. 02152019
- L. Turner

Jan 18, 2017
Any time that I have a question and call I get an answer right away. I feel that Dave Reed Insurance has my best interests at heart - they have worked with us to keep our premiums as low as possible to have the coverage we need.
- R. Lang & Golay

Nov 30, 2016
This company has given exceptional service to us, always helpful and always following up! Especially when we had floors flooded and walls damaged, they were right on top of it all, making sure everything that could be done was being done! Appreciate them greatly! 01102019
- K. Donham

Oct 30, 2016
My favorite part about this company is that they are truly teachers. They take the time to educate you on insurance options, typical needs, and how those apply to your situation. They aren't pushing me to buy more than what I need and have saved me a lot of money on the insurance that I do need. I tell everyone to go see Scott Grissom at Dave Reed Insurance.
- C. Hess

Oct 29, 2016
I like that I can call locally and get a person to help me right away...that personal customer service is great. Thanks!
- D. Walker

Sep 5, 2016
Frieda has always been very helpful in making sure our insurance needs are met and answering any of our questions. Dave Reed Insurance has helped me maintain the insurance I need and keeping my costs as low as possible.
- T. Ankrom

Aug 9, 2016
Every time I visit with the office I am greeted and taken care of almost immediately. Everyone takes the time to search for the right products for me and goes the extra mile to make sure that everything is always in place.
- E. Flora

Jul 9, 2016
I think you guys are fantastic at Dave Reed. I had switched from USA because for a whole year the gave me a policy for my motorhome. After a whole year of being "insured" with them I realised they don't offer RV policies. So I switched everything I had to Progressive. A few months later I had a little incident where I backed up my motorhome into a tree thank goodness I switched in time. You guys took care of all the repairs and the only thing I did was pay the deductible. It was a wonderful experience and I felt really safe being with you. You were very helpful. Like the other company says I m in good hands :-). Oh just to make that even better a few months later I discovered the shop that fixed my motorhome forgot to look for damage inside so that was left off. I took it back to the shop and Progressive again paid for everything without a penny from my pocket. It was an amazing experience. Even after all that Progressive still gave me the lowest policy I have ever had that's why I insure everything I have Motorhome, car and motorcycle through Progressive because you guys rock and I love you all. Thank you again for being there for me.
- A. Munteanu

Jul 9, 2016
Great attitude and personal ability to satisfy customer. Follow up after business complete.
- W. Donald

Jun 13, 2016
Straight, to the point, friendly and very efficient! 01252019
- S. Shiver

May 18, 2016
Frieda and Eula are both outstanding to work with on insurance needs. Both of these ladies always follow through. I have referred others to them in the past. 01292019
- M. Wood

Jan 1, 2016
I love how polite you guys are when a person enters your place of business. 12282018
- D. Lewis

Dec 20, 2015
Frieda and her team are always helpful and have found the answers to any questions I have had over the years. Customer service still means something in their office.
- S. Ritchie

Sep 17, 2015
Scott is the man! He gets me the exact coverage I need for better premiums than I anticipate! He works hard and always delivers!
- A. Narvaez

Sep 14, 2015
Your company found me the lowest rate available to me and for that I am grateful. 02142019
- W. Gray

Sep 1, 2015
I really appreciate the people that work for you, they go above and beyond .
- A. Default

Aug 27, 2015
Very knowledgeable. Very responsive. Quick follow-up. Always someone answers the phone...no voice mail. Assistance via phone / email is very efficient. Great job! 02062019
- S. Grissom